The End

No it’s not the end of my life it’s the end of my story. Whilst stories never truly end I believe my SD story has. My blog was never intended to be anything other than to tell my story and hopefully raise awareness. I have been surprised by the number of followers and people I have met along the way; most of you virtual but some in the flesh.

When I started to write my story I was hiding behind my computer. I was still ashamed and felt very different from other people. Through my writing I have slowly released the shackles of shame, and I am now far more open about my condition. This is good; it has not only helped me to heal and accept myself, but it has opened up doors in the world of writing which I truly love.

For those of you who have loyally read all of my posts: remember when Bob Marley sung to me ‘everything’s gonna be alright’ that was back in 2007; well I believe it will be. I don’t want to keep a diary about my SD because that helps no-one. Truth is I am unsure where the road will take me in the future. One thing I do know is; I will always write because that is my first love. SD may have robbed my voice, but it has no power over the written word. That belongs to me.

So, please don’t unsubscribe because I will be back albeit in a different way. I still think it is important to share information and any research that is relevant. I am looking into other projects next year and I hope to share them with you if successful.

I will miss writing my story, but realistically it has reached its natural conclusion. I have SD, I am treated, and I have good and bad days. It impacts work and relationships. It makes me moody when I feel wrecked; it makes me happy when all is good. So what more is there to say?

It’s been quite a journey for me-just writing it all down made me realise how much people must put up with before they seek help, or what access do people have to healthcare? Some of my American friends have told me they cannot get insurance for treatment. A common theme throughout this blog is that most people were written off before they were correctly diagnosed. I sincerely hope that I will continue to raise awareness and educate through my writing and sometimes speaking. SD is real and affects people in the most debilitating way that is impossible to understand.

Anyway, I am not dying from it, I am living with it and I am in the process of figuring out a different way to live my life so I am not permanently tired. It has awakened my desire to achieve new goals in my life and open myself up to new opportunities. I don’t intend to work until I drop dead. Why should I? I want to make a difference but I also need enough reserve to do what I want to do.

I have had some laughs writing this blog, and I have been laughed at! I never wanted to be a victim and I never will. It’s scary putting yourself out there; but I’ve done it now and I’m so glad I did.

I will be back; and I hope you will still be there to read and share in the way you always have done. I am grateful to have had such positive feedback. You have all inspired me to keep writing.

In the meantime I wish you all a Happy Christmas & a Happy and healthy New Year.

See you in 2018

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7 thoughts on “The End

  1. I think this is a good move for you Julie. I worried that if you based your career on SD that you wouldn’t be able to escape loving with thoughts of it everyday. Now you can move on and define yourself as a writer not as a person with SD. I’m happy for you.

    1. Yes, I will think of other things to write about. Have to move on
      I will still raise awareness but not sure how.

  2. Oh Julie, you’ve put your heart and soul for all to see.
    You are a very gifted writer I’m glad you’ll continue.
    I’m sure you’ve given so many readers acceptance of SD as you’ve come to terms with your diagnosis through this blog.
    Well done, happy Christmas and new year.

  3. You have made me laugh and made me sad in equal measure with your honest reflections, love you lots xx

  4. Thank you for all of your thoughtful contributions to the community of people who struggle with SD! Spread your wings and fly!

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