About Voice Athlete

Spasmodic Dysphonia (SD) is a rare neurological condition that affects 0.2% of the population in the United Kingdom. Presentation is usually slow onset and affects the ability to speak. The Gold Standard treatment is Botox into the vocal cords every few months. This helps the voice sound smoother, and speaking become less of an effort. Without Botox it is virtually impossible to speak. Speech sounds strained, strangled and interrupted.

I decided to write this blog as I have lived with SD for fifteen years. Through misdiagnosis and my own denial and shame, it has been a long journey to diagnosis and treatment. No doctor I have ever spoken to has heard of SD which is why I started to write about it.

I will attempt to tell my story in a lighthearted manner in order to raise awareness of this debilitating condition, and of course keep you engaged.

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